Leading Brands on Electronic Test and Measurement Tools

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Electronic test and measurement tool is widely used today both by professionals and individuals. With so many demands on the reliability, the competition in producing the tools gets higher. In this competition, several brands appear to be leading the industry. Here are several brands with warm place on market’s hearts.

Amprobe tests the tools rigorously to make sure its reliability and quality while making sure they compliance with the newest EC and IEC regulations. This brand is still the leading brand that provides the most fitting tools even for professionals. More than inventing the clamp meter, this brand is the explanation behind the earliest version of wire tracer we know today.

This brand makes one of the finest DCs in the world. With management change back in 2010, this company only gets bigger not only financially, but also on their achievement. It represents programmable and precise DC electronic loads. This is good news for automated test equipment market. Today, it is expanding on battery testing, fuel cell, and solar power applications for testing.

This brand already serves since 1959, producing one of the best DC powers in the industry. Their DC is always reliable and tough while the design is close to long life and technical specifications that are really excellent. Many find their product specifications unrealistic. It turns out that they have better measurement than most other brands. It explains why this brand leads the industry.


This brand is known among technicians and electricians to work on portable and modern appliances testing. Their products appear to be the best when it comes to power consumption, microwave leakage, sound levels, and even light measurement. The accuracy, sensitivity, and portable design make this brand preferred by professionals at https://agensbobet108.com almost anywhere in the world. No one ever argues with the price as well.

This brand is known for the programmable kind of power supplies as well. Similar to AMREL, this brand also involved AMETEK in its production. This explains their excellence in power subsystems for industrial, modular power supplies, and even supplies for the bench top. Their DCs are widely used in power conditioning application, power bus simulation, process control, measurement and test, and R&D.

In sum, there are more than enough brand on this field. Each of them offers different excellence and reliability but all talk about best precision and great technology. Which one of those brands is your favorite?

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