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Electronic test equipment is occupied to make signals as well as to capture any responses from DUTs or devices under test. Without having the equipment, electrician cannot produce proper work. If you are an electrician who just started to learn such equipment, you can start learning it from the following basic electronic test equipment.

To Measure Currents, Voltages, and Other Components
There is absolutely a lot of electronic test equipment that are considered basic. To begin with, let’s see the equipment that are used for the basic measurement of currents, voltages, and components of DUTs.

To measure voltage, you will need voltmeter, to measure resistance, you will need ohmmeter. Apart from those two, there is also ammeter that usually comes in two forms which are miliameter or galvanometer, all of which are used to measure current. Next, there is multimeter such as Volt-Ohm-Milliammeter (VOM) or Digital Multimeter or DMM, all of which are used to measure all of the above. Last, there is LCR Meter. LCR stands for inductance for the L, capacitance for the C, and resistance for the R.

To Give Circuit Stimulus
Next, the equipment to provide stimulus to the circuit under test is also included to basic electronic test equipment. The equipment are power supplies, pulse generator, signal generator, and digital pattern generator.

To Analyze Circuit under Test
Last but not least for the basic test equipment also includes the ones to analyze the circuit under test. The equipment includes Oscilloscope that displays the voltage as how it varies over time and frequency counter that lets you measure the frequency. One more equipment that can be included in this group is test probes that connect all of them together.

Don’t worry if you just started to learn such equipment. You can start knowing all those things by understanding the basic electronic test equipment above. Once you master them, you can continue learning the advanced ones.

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