The Basic Electronic Equipment to Test the Stimulus Signals of the Circuit

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The electronic test equipment is taking an important part to analyse the circuit conditions and to detect if there is any faults or abnormal functioning in the electronic devices. Below is the basic electronic equipment to stimulus signals of the circuit under the test.

– Power supplies
A power supply is an electronic device that has the main function to convert the current electrical energy into the correct voltage, current and frequency to power the electrical load. Some of the power supplies are separate pieces of equipment but later are built with power supplies such as desktop computers and consumer electronic devices.

– Signal Generator
The signal generator or pitch generator has the main function to test, design and repair the electro-acoustic or electronic devices. There are several types of signal generators depends on the purpose such as function generators, pitch generators, arbitrary waveform generators, RF and microwave signal generators, frequency generators and digital pattern generators.

– Pulse Generator
The main function of the pulse generator is to generate pulses that can stimulate logic circuit. it is usually used to test analog circuits. An optical pulse generator, bench pulse generators and microwave pulsers are three types of pulse generators. Nowadays, there is a multichannel pulse generator that could provide several channels of pulses.

– Digital Pattern Generator
The main purpose of this electronic test equipment is to generate the stimulation of digital electronics. if the pulse generator is used to test the analog circuits, the digital pattern generator are used more for testing digital electronics. this generator also often called as “logic source” due to its synchronous digital stimulus source.

These four electronic test devices are important to stimulate the signals of the circuit. Many industries give information about this generator at for different types of this test equipment from very simple to expensive ones, depends on the need of the test that should be run for the electronic devices.

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