Tektronix Oscilloscope Probes

TestPath speciality is accessories for electronic test equipment. We are factory authorized wholesale distriburors for BK Precision, Fluke, Pomona Electronics and Tektronix test equipment and accessories.

TestPath stocks over 100 different oscilloscope probes including differential probes, active oscilloscope probes, high voltage probes, passive oscilloscope probes with bandwidths up to 500MHz, as well as oscilloscopes current probes.TestPath also stocks replacement parts and accessories for oscilloscope probes

Signal integrity, signal fidelity and test measurement quality depend upon the correct choice of oscilloscope probe. Connecting a probe to a circuit can affect the operation of the circuit, and an oscilloscope can only display and measure the signal that the probe delivers to the scope input. Thus, it is imperative that the probe have minimum impact on the probed circuit and that it maintain adequate signal fidelity for the desired measurements.

To cut through much of the confusion and narrow the selection process, always follow Tektronix, Agilent or the oscilloscope manufacturer's recommendations for probes. This is important because different oscilloscopes are designed for different bandwidth, risetime, compensation range, and input impedance considerations
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