Test Lead Wire

Quality PVC or silicone test lead wire is ideal for building do-it-yourself (DIY) test leads, patch cords and test fixtures. TestPath stocks over 55 different combinations of wire color, wire guage and wire insulation for immediate same day shipment. When comparing and choosing your test lead wire, you should consider not only the type of wire insulation but also the wire stranding.

  • Wire Stranding. Test lead wire is made by covering a bundle of many fine strands of copper conductors with either a PVC or silicone jacket. To carry a maximum rated current, all test lead wire requires a certain minimum cross sectional area of conductor. The test lead wire composed of the finest strands (highest strand count) will not only be the most flexible, it will also be the most reliable - capable of withstanding the highest number of flex cycles.

  • PVC Test Lead Wire. PVC jacketed test lead wire is the most popular choice when the end product will generally be used under moderate environmental conditions and production volume puts a premium on cost per meter. Some PVC wire features an inner white inner layer for cut visibility.

  • Silicone Test Lead Wire. Silicone is generally considered the best jacket material for test leads. It combines the desirable features of high flexibility, even at low temperatures along with a resistance to burns and chemicals.

  • All test lead wire conforms to IEC61010 1,000V Cat III unless noted otherwise. TestPath stocks wire in six different colors (black, red, yellow, green, blue and white). Wire is sold in pre-determined lengths as noted. Call for pricing on 100M spools or other colors
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