Keithley (Discontinued) 8000-14A

Equipment Cabinet; ENC-10-Gray

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Brand:  Keithley (Discontinued)
Model: 8000-14A
Status: Discontinued - Click for specs and accessories
Part #: 143-171
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The Keithley 8000-14A is a standard 14-inch high, 19-inch wide equipment cabinet for enclosing instrumentation for bench or automated test system application. The Model 8000-14A accepts all Keithley main frame models and fixed rack mount kits. The cabinet is supplied with rubber feet for benchtop applications including enclosure of the 707B Switching Matrix, and the sturdy steel construction will support additional instrumentation stacked on top. DIMENSIONS: 356mm high 483mm wide 648mm deep (14 in 19 in 25.5 in).

Also known as keithley 800014a, testpath 143171

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