GigaProbes DVT30-1MM

Impedance Test and Failure Analysis Kit, Two TDR Hand Probes, 30GHz

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Brand:  GigaProbes
Model: DVT30-1MM
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Part #: 121-003
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GigaProbes® DVT30-1MM multi-mode, 100Ω differential or 50Ω impedance TDR probes capture 30 GHz, ODD/EVEN impedance profiles with a typical differential launch discontinuity of less than 20mV and a fall-time of 20ps. The probe masks ˜ 0.5mm of the device under test. This small discontinuity mask becomes significant when characterizing IC packages wherenet lengths are very short.

The DVT30-1MM comes with a set of cushion grips for comfortable hand probing and comes with accessories to easily attach the probes to the Tektronix PP100 or PPM203B articulating arms or most probe manipulators. The Signal-to-Signal probe pitch can be set to 0.8mm, 1.0mm or 1.27mm using the patent pending Pitch Calibration SMA wrench. The pitch can be customized using other tools supplied in the DVT30-1MM GigaProbes accessory kit. The wrench also serves to attach SMA-SMA cables to the probes.

GigaProbes® DVT30-1MM-1 TDR probe is unique in that they utilize conductive diamond plating technology that places hundreds of sharp non-oxidizing electrically conductive diamonds in a nickel-gold matrix onto the probe tips. The diamonds do not corrode or dull and allow the user to break through oxide with a probing force of only 10 grams. This creates a temporary solder-like connection for repeatable measurements when probing at any angle.

Applications for the DVT30-1MM-1 TDR probe include Single-Ended (50 Ohm) or Differential (100 Ohm) impedance measurements and Failure Analysis on Device Packages or PCB’s.

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