Privacy Policy


TestPath Inc. (“TestPath”) is acutely aware that privacy is a concern to Internet users and our customers.

We never collect personal information from you unless you explicitly provide it to us. We do collect information from all of our customers including visitors to (“Site”). This document describes in general terms what information is collected and how it is used. Please note that we reserve the right to make changes in our Privacy Policy at any time without prior notice. The most current version of this policy is always available on Questions, concerns or comments regarding this Privacy Policy and/or its enforcement may be addressed to:

    TestPath, Incorporated
    119 Braintree St Suite 201, Boston MA 02134
    Telephone: 978.739.4800
    Facsimile: 978.739.4844

For more information about our Security Policy, click here.

Additional information about policies governing the use of this Site may be found by reading’s Terms of Site Use.

Use of Cookies

A "cookie" is a small file containing text only that our Site asks your browser for permission to store on your computer. Depending upon your browser settings, you may or may not be explicitly asked for this permission. Cookies are stored in a special folder by your browser and cannot infect or otherwise harm your computer system.

Additionally, may store more than one cookie on your computer (limited in number by most browsers). Some of these cookies are only temporary and will be automatically removed when you exit the current browser window. At least one cookie may remain until you disable or delete the cookie (either explicitly or as it is replaced with new cookies from other sites by your browser).

Only our Site can access a cookie left behind from a prior visit to and only then when you return to our Site. This is also true for any Third Party reporting services that TestPath may use. Cookies contain no personal information and do not become public information because you visited our site.

A cookie allows our Site to "remember" information about your preferences and most users prefer to use cookies to help them navigate a website as easily as possible. uses cookies to:

  • Allow you to build an order over time, adding products over an extended period of time.
  • Allow you to easily return to the site to retrieve information on previous orders.
  • Allows your computer to maintain a connection (“user state”) as you move between pages on our site.
  • Allows you to store your user ID’s.

TestPath may, at its sole discretion, contract with Third Party reporting services to collect information regarding site visitors and their use of this site. The Third Party services may use cookies on TestPath’s behalf to collect such information. Whenever this occurs, the Third Party is contractually prohibited from using the information obtained in the course of providing services to TestPath in any manner other than for TestPath’s business purposes and only in accordance with our Privacy and Use of Site Policies.

Browser and Web Traffic Data

Each time a visitor comes to, information is collected including your domain name / IP address; referring URL; browser and platform; time and length of visit; pages visited and searches performed. No personal information is obtained by the collection of this data: This information is used among other things to help us improve the performance and user experience provided by our website.

Aggregated traffic data may be shared with potential advertisers, research firms, and business partners for demographic purposes. Such aggregated data shall never be traceable to an individual person or entity.

Web Site Visits and Correspondence

TestPath also collects personally identifiable and transactional information volunteered by companies and visitors to our site who either purchase products or request catalogs or other information from TestPath. This information, which is added to our customer files, includes contact names and telephone numbers; billing, shipping, postal and email addresses.

We may also receive and respond to communications from you regarding products, services, orders, shipments, request for quotes (RFPs, RFQs) or various general business questions. Unless an authorized person from TestPath specifically agrees in writing that specified information is not to be disclosed or retained, we may retain this information to improve our service, products, website and general line of business as described below.

The above information is used to provide a quick, efficient flow of products and services to you. To this end, TestPath may choose to share information with third parties, such as suppliers, financial institutions, credit reporting agencies, third party service providers and with any successor to TestPath’s interest. We may also disclose information about any customer or site visitor in response to government laws, subpoenas, investigative requests (with or without subpoenas) and other legal processes in order to exercise TestPath’s legal rights and defend against legal claims.

Use of E-mail Addresses

Email addresses may be used to communicate information about TestPath including product and order information, changes of service or policy information and other promotional emails.

Registered users may "opt out" of the e-mail communications offered in the "My Account" section of the site. Users also have the ability to “opt out” by clicking on a link contained within the email itself. You may also contact TestPath at the address listed above and make your preferences known. Users may “opt in” or “opt out” as often as they choose. Please note however, that emails confirming business transactions will always be sent to you.

Use of Postal Addresses

TestPath may use your postal addresses to send information in order to keep you informed about our current products and services. Occasionally, we may make our customer list available to our suppliers and other carefully screen companies that offer products or services we believe may be of interest to you. When we do so, the availability of our list is restricted to a specific mailing and does not constitute endorsement of that company or its products and services.

Registered users may "opt out" of these uses of your postal information by changing the preferences in the "My Account" section of the Site. All information mailed will also provide clear and simple directions on how to opt out of mailings from that specific company. You may also contact TestPath at the address listed above and make your preference known. Both TestPath and all other companies are also required to comply with any applicable “do not mail” governmental laws and regulations.


When asked, participation in surveys is completely voluntary and you always have a choice whether or not to disclose information. Survey information is used to monitor and improve as well as our overall product offerings and services.